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Overcoming Claustrophobia



My experience of RTT with Sinead has been very rewarding. Sinead treats our sessions with care and understanding, respect and empathy. Sinead is easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable and relaxed, so I felt safe to discuss my worries and fears relating to my claustrophobia and the impending tests I was scheduled to have. Sinead provided me with the tools to manage my fears, with many practical suggestions that are extremely helpful, giving me a sense that I was in control.
Sinead is an amazing therapist and opening up to her about my lifelong claustrophobia and having her help me navigate a way forward was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Sinead and RTT will get you results and I 100% endorse this fantastic service and amazing therapist.

Overwhelming feeling of sadness

A. Devine


I undertook some RTT Hypnotherapy with Sinead at a point in my life where after number of years post Cancer treatment, I remained in a place of low energy, joy and vitality and was really struggling to take actions to get back out and participating fully in life.
With my work as a life coach who had tried counselling, therapy and coaching, I knew I wanted a radically different approach to what I'd had before. Having studied with Sinead I knew from the get-go she was my kind of therapist. She's incredibly warm-hearted, diligent and dedicated to her craft and but above all it was her capacity to be deeply curious which clinched it for me. I knew she was a therapist I could not only feel safe with but she was going to help me go deeper than I had ever done before to root out the problem and change up my life.

Sinead is a highly engaging therapist, she takes the time to understand her clients and guide them to the root of the issue at hand. The hypnotic-recording Sinead prepared for me following our RTT session was bespoke and so brilliantly aligned and attuned to the person I wanted to become. Each time I listened to it, I felt activated in a way that up-levelled my life. Sinead walked me through the process of RTT step by step so that I really understood and felt grounded and in control at all times. I cannot thank Sinead enough and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting to see a marked difference in their life. if I were to sum up her work in 3 words, it would be powerful, deeply intuitive and inspiring.

Anxiety and Fear of Failure


New Zealand

Sinead worked with me to help me manage anxiety related to establishing a successful business. After having two unsuccessful attempts at building coaching practices, I have felt a high degree of anxiety about establishing a new business. Sinead changed that! Sinead listened carefully to my concerns and then took me through a supportive hypnosis session where we discovered together why I had the belief that I wouldn’t succeed. She then eliminated these beliefs and wrote a new story for me. The words she has given me in my transformational recording remind me daily that I am going to have a phenomenal business, and I now am confident that I will achieve all of my dreams. I can’t thank Sinead enough for helping me move forward with my life. I would recommend her without hesitation, she is a caring, gentle person who holds space for her clients

Procrastination and lack of Confidence

G. Constantinou


I had an amazing RTT session with Sinead on overcoming procrastination. Sinead is a phenomenal therapist. She used her knowledge, skills, talents, kindness, and enthusiasm to transform my negative beliefs into strength and positivity. She conducted the session with caring and expertise. She has compassion and the ability to make you feel safe, exactly what is needed for a great session. She was really interested in helping me to transform my life and took the time to help me to find the root of the problem. After the session I immediately felt more powerful and determined to take action towards my dreams. I am more organised now and every day I make a list with the things I have to do; I choose the three most important and I do them. I gradually but steadily make changes in my life, and I feel more confident and decisive. Having Sinead as my therapist was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I am immensely grateful for Sinead ’s help, and I feel lucky that I have her in my life. I highly recommend her. She is one of the best RTT Therapists.

Lack of Motivation

J. Gill


It has been 21 days now since my session with Sinead and the results have been incredible. I was really struggling with motivation and kept putting things off to the last minute, leading to so much stress and overwhelm. I have now found that I have got a brilliant routine that works for me, freeing up so much head space. When I first met with Sinead for my session she made me feel so at ease, it was as if I had known her for years as we so quickly built-up rapport. I'm so glad I reached out to Sinead

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