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FREE Consultation Call

Learn if RTT Hypnotherapy is right for you.

20 Mins




This call is for you to find out all the information you need before you make an investment.

Areas/questions we can cover during the call are: 

1. Whether RTT Hypnotherapy is right for you?
2. If I am the right therapist?
3. If the issues we discuss are within the scope of my practice?
4. Answer any questions you have.
5. Confirm commitment to the time required for sessions, daily recording and after calls.
6. The terms and conditions, privacy statement and disclaimer.
7. Any questions about booking and payment if you want to proceed.

This is a no obligation call. To book your call, email me at

I love what I do and am happy to take the time to speak to you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Sinead x

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