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Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis is 3 Times as Effective as Nicotine Patch and 15 Times More Effective Than Willpower *.

30 days

£ 375


Programe Description:

The results from more than 600 individual studies, involving over 72, 000 people from America and  Europe were analysed and scrutinised. The findings state that on average, hypnosis is over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. *(Source: New Scientist, University of Iowa, How One in Five Give Up Smoking, Journal of Applied Psychology, October 10, 1992)

Having been a smoker I know how hard it is to give up and I had many relapses before I managed it for good. RTT Hypnotherapy would have made that journey a lot easier. 

All smokers know their body is flooded with thousands of poisonous chemicals and it’s still one of the leading causes of cancer but when the mind derives pleasure from something like smoking it’s very hard to give up. The brain will always move you from a bad feeling to a good feeling even if its not good for you. 

The RTT HYPNOTHERAPY APPROACH to giving up smoking and vaping is to find out your reason for starting your smoking journey and why it's hard for you to stop now. 

What is the value it brings? When, where and why do you smoke in your daily routine? Why you failed before? All of these answers are found before and during the session and after the session you get a tailored recording for you to break the habit permanently. The only requirement is you must listen to the recording for 28 days

It helps you become indifferent to daily triggers that encourage you to smoke or relapse.

•    FREE 30 minute discovery call
•    2.5 HOUR session of RTT Hypnotherapy 
•    A 20 min recording to listen to every day for 28 days
•    Contact with you on Day 2, 14 & 21
•    A 30 min zoom call on Day 28 to review and celebrate success. 

This package is for you if you can commit to the following over a 30 day period:
•    4.5 hours of 1 to 1 hypnotherapy and support on zoom as well as by phone at prearranged times 
•    listening to 20 min recording for 28 days 
•    committing to listening to these recordings once a month after this until no longer needed

What happens when I book a call and session?

Step 1: Begins with the Free Consultation call where you can decide if Hypnotherapy is right for you and if I am the right therapist.

Step 2: Payment is discussed and date for first session booked. The intake form and Terms and Conditions etc are signed and full payment is paid.

Step 3: The session is done (2.5 hrs) and you leave with a recording to use for 28 days. A time to contact you on Day 2 and Day 7 will be arranged.

Step 4: Listen to recording every day for 28 days to ensure the removed blocks don't return. Take notes during that time of any changes that occur.

Step 5: Book contact for day 14 and 21 and 28. 

Step 6: On day 28, a final zoom call to celebrate your progress and discuss next steps.

Invest in your health, Book a FREE consultation call at 

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