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Hello there, I am Sinead Mackay and my career began with a Bsc Management Degree, Trinity College, Dublin which helped me focus on Marketing and Branding for Domestic and International companies across medical, consumer and IT sectors.

After a decade I left this path to set up a Speech and Drama school because I wanted to empower young people with confidence and self-esteem after seeing the lack of it in the corporate sector, especially among female colleagues. And to date that has been one of the most worthwhile achievements of my career. It was never a job but a labour of love. 


In my early 30’s  with marriage on the horizon I got the opportunity to do some travelling and tick off a dream on my bucket list. I travelled to New York & LA to learn guitar and write songs. After returning and settling in Scotland, I sang, wrote songs, ran an open mic, and worked as a volunteer and Youth Worker in different programs including Battle of Bands.


It was when I hit 40, had two babies and lost my father to pancreatic cancer, all in a 20 month period, that my health spiralled and my 40's has turned into a decade of survival. 



Navigating grief while raising young children, dealing with severe peri-menapausal symptoms as well as a pandemic pushed me into fight, flight, freeze mode for a very long time. 


This was the catalyst to help me find a message in my mess, so after a lot of research and hormones I trained as a Certified Hypnotherapist specialising in Marisa Peers' (left) Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT). 

My journey to here took a long time because I was not aware or knowledgeable about how midlife for a woman and her body would affect all aspects of my life. I got so lost in all the doing and being busy, I forgot to look after myself because I thought self care was selfish. It's actually live saving. 


 After studying and working in Hypnotherapy I took my lead from clients and decided to specialise in helping women in midlife love themselves exactly as they are right now using the Find your Light Program.

This 60 day program brings wonderful women from surviving to thriving because when you find your light, you will love your life. 


Through RTT Hypnotherapy sessions online and one to one support I assist my clients to be confident by removing old beliefs like imposter syndrome and that loud inner critic which block them from taking care of themselves and prevent them from having the life, career and relationships they deserve. 


This program is designed for every woman who wants to rediscover her confidence and transform herself into the confident woman she truly is, because every woman deserves to love herself just as she is right now. 

It's only then, real change can happen. 


I would be honoured to take a call from you if you want to hear more.

Thank you for being here,

Sinead x

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